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Spare more than a thought for contrib

Contrib is in the river

This is a follow-up on last week's article Spare a thought for contrib and the comments it attracted. The article invited the reader to reflect on the huge body of D7 Contrib modules that will have to be ported to a new core architecture in order to give D8 the same or even richer functionality as D7.

Here are, in summary, some of the comments the Drupal community made to that article:

Spare a thought for contrib

Just ponder these statements for a while. No need to over-analyse:

My first D7 -> D8 module port

I've just ported one of my D7 modules, Views Contextual Range Filter, to D8. Phew! That took longer than I'd hoped.

Lightness of Leaflet displays the brilliance of Google Maps in high-res

Lightness of Leaflet and brilliance of Google Maps in high res

We can be a little cheeky at flink. Last year we wrote on these pages an article titled "27 reasons not to use Google Maps". Drawing from a variety of tile providers, it show-cased 27 alternatives to the by now rather stale look & feel of the Google-anno-2006 map.

Erased memories and cracked Varnish

Websites have no memories. As fancy techies like to say: "HTTP is a stateless protocol". Every click is like no click ever happened before. So recalling on a subsequent page, selections and stuff you submitted many clicks ago, is not part of the protocol. Going beyond it, making the visitor experience more convenient, requires website developers to open their boxes of tricks.

27 reasons NOT to use Google Maps... and 2 to do so

Scroll down to see just a few of the free maps out there you may want to consider for something different from Google Maps.

All of the maps below are available through the Drupal module Leaflet More Maps, which is powered by the combo of Leaflet (the Drupal module) and Leaflet (the free Javascript library).

If your current location does not show up at first, blank out the Latitude field and re-submit.

Map of mobile user locations, updated automatically

We had this request the other day: can you display a map of the locations of users that recently logged onto our system, updating their map positions as they move about? Can the map be centered either on the viewer's location (shown by a different marker) or on the user that last logged in?

Has mobile mapping evolved?

Old map of the world

As the browser world gravitates towards mobile and its small but high-res screens, we've seen Drupal being at the forefront with the rest of the world with various new solutions like responsive and adaptive designs. Can we equally expect a more mobile-friendly user experience for maps without having to resort to hybrid technologies like Drupal 7 map app example for iPhone & iPad? What's the state of the nation in maps?

Done in 60 seconds: a location based service example using IP Geolocation: map of buyer locations

Today we tackle another real-life example of use-cases in the area of location based services (LBS). The question recently posed to us was this: knowing that Drupal's IP Geolocation module is great at retrieving and mapping location information, can we channel its power to analyse where purchases from our online store originate from, compared from one season to next?
The answer is: yes we can. And here is how.

Done in 60 seconds: a location based service example using IP Geolocation: local weather

Earlier on these pages we showed how a couple of PHP code snippets used in combination with the IP Geolocation module are all it takes to add a simple location based feature to your web site. What follows is another example.