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Install Apache Solr 5 and Drupal Search API on your laptop in minutes

Solr core Admin page, creating a Drupal Search core

We recently had to debug a site for a customer who was using Apache Solr and that wonderful Drupal module combo that goes with it: Search API and Search API Solr.
We were pleased to find that these components have continued to evolve over the past years, much to the benefit of their users . Setting up Apache Solr for Drupal is now easier than ever before, whether you use the command line or the newish Solr user interface.

Take your Maps to the Max

We’ve always loved maps. Google, Openlayers, Leaflet... bring them on!

To date, those three are the most popular engines to fetch and assemble the tiles that make up your maps and deliver them to the browser.

We love all three, and through IP Geolocation Views & Maps, we support all three.

Pedal to the Drupal metal: Views Accelerator

When caching is not an option, Drupal sites employing the Views module may find their performances bound by it. Getting to the bottom of this issue on a number of sites we discovered that performance benefits are to be gained in an unlikely corner of Views. We published a first version of the Views Accelerator module for everyone to reap those benefits. You’re invited to give it a burl. A couple of clicks on the UI could be all it takes to put a smile on the performance dial.

XHProf speedy install to pinpointing slow performance

XHProf is a great server-side performance profiler. And as we say in our Drupal community… "there is a module for that". Great as it is, the Drupal XHProf module comes with little documentation. So finding out how and where to install some of the unmentioned bits and pieces can be a chore. Especially when you find yourself faced with downloading and compiling various components on a machine that doesn’t have the full gamut of tools like pecl, apt-get or Homebrew, etc ready to go.

So this is what I normally do for Macs, greatly facilitated by Cameron Tod's very handy page.

"But that's easy in Drupal, isn't it?"

Many a time a customer’s casual challenge of “But that’s easy in Drupal isn’t it?” has resulted in us taking up the gauntlet and putting in some hard yards to indeed "make that easy”.

Clearly 8,500 D7 modules on is not enough.

Gorgeous Google map canvasses for your Drupal site: just Copy & Paste

I love maps.

I love gardens too.

Not keen on gardening, though.

So while the Google Maps API allows you to create beautiful map styles, that does not mean I enjoy spending hours or days doing that. Plus I don’t have the artistic prowess.

But the contributors to Snazzy Maps do.

Read more and drool...

Putting out our trash

Two modules that come in handy for sites viewed on tablets and phones -- and laptops too!

Table Trash: adds responsiveness and other bells and whistles to your tables —Sniff this garbage here.

Label Trash: applies the Float Label pattern to input fields and text areas — Sniff this garbage there.


Gut feelings about Drupal 8

When the question When is D8 ready? was asked during a leadership Q&A session at DrupalCon Prague, the responses were testament to an orchestration of unity. None of the house-trained members of the panel dared to go beyond the “it’s ready when it’s ready” response.

At flink we're not afraid of speaking out for the sake of some great debate.

So here are some thoughts we have. Caution: may provoke. The comment box is open!

Drupal 8: contrib roads, take me home

Let's start with some good news about Drupal version 8, in particular the D8 contrib space.

Backdrop proves the case for Top Shelf Modules

Less than a month after this, we saw last week the launch of a 60-day $50,000 fundraising campaign for Backdrop, the brain child of "founding forker" quicksketch, Drupal Evangelist at Lullabot (says his profile) and D6/7 module developer extraordinaire (says I).