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Gut feelings about Drupal 8

When the question When is D8 ready? was asked during a leadership Q&A session at DrupalCon Prague, the responses were testament to an orchestration of unity. None of the house-trained members of the panel dared to go beyond the “it’s ready when it’s ready” response.

At flink we're not afraid of speaking out for the sake of some great debate.

So here are some thoughts we have. Caution: may provoke. The comment box is open!

Drupal 8: contrib roads, take me home

Let's start with some good news about Drupal version 8, in particular the D8 contrib space.

Backdrop proves the case for Top Shelf Modules

Less than a month after this, we saw last week the launch of a 60-day $50,000 fundraising campaign for Backdrop, the brain child of "founding forker" quicksketch, Drupal Evangelist at Lullabot (says his profile) and D6/7 module developer extraordinaire (says I).

Drupal 8: to embrace or to brace yourself?

Seven tips and traps that make D7 developers go :-) and @#$&*!

When a steam train like D8 rolls your way, resistance is futile. You either jump aside --and some "big" names have done so-- or you jump aboard.

For D7 developers wanting to join the D8 ride, this article critiques some common D8 misconceptions, hopefully making onboarding less precarious.

Combatting technical debt in Drupal 8

Emotive discussions have been and are being held about Drupal8, Symfony2 and "all that" in various forums and blogs. Examples can be found here and just this weekend here. The latter coincides with the sad withdrawal from D8 core by two "hero" contributors to both D8 core and contrib.

Bring harmony to your views

Drupal has its quirks. And the odd niggly bit. Most of the time the operational foible simply becomes second nature as we and our clients accept it as the way such and such part of Drupal works.

Sometimes, however, users are not so forgiving and that annoying little discomfort becomes a nag of a feature request. This is how Views Filter Harmonizer was born.

Views going global

Views Contextual Filters aren't crap

This is about Views Contextual Filters.

No don't run away yet…. give me a sec… please.

I am well aware that even seasoned site builders fear to tread into that hidden-by-default upper right-hand corner of the Views UI configuration page labelled "Advanced". Most of us have opened it once, seen the heading "Contextual Filters" and gone "Mwaaah… what's that cr@p and what good is it to me?"

Well quite a lot of good, actually. If you can just hang in there, I'll get straight to the point.

Spruce up your map markers with font-icons

We've been having a lot of fun with maps recently. From the challenges of dealing with 100,000 markers (see this DrupalCon Portland mapping session) down to smaller maps that attractively reveal the nature of their data locations through animated clustering and beautiful marker images in colours that reflect location type, such as the kind of shop (hairdresser, camera store etc) or the price range of rental accommodation.

Bye, bye hook, hello Symfony: fields, widgets and formatters in D8

Article updated August 2013 and again in March 2014 to reflect the latest core D8 changes. Complete module example (see attachment) is also up-to-date.

"I woke up this morning and all my shrimps was dead and gone. Someone's been fishing in my pond…" -- Robert Johnson

Leaflet More Maps adds B(l)ing

The Drupal module Leaflet More Maps already offered a considerable set of over 20 attractive maps from a variety of providers, including high-res versions of Google Maps. All available at the click of a drop-down selector, when you have the Leaflet or IP Geolocation Views & Maps modules installed.