Leaflet More Maps adds B(l)ing

The Drupal module Leaflet More Maps already offered a considerable set of over 20 attractive maps from a variety of providers, including high-res versions of Google Maps. All available at the click of a drop-down selector, when you have the Leaflet or IP Geolocation Views & Maps modules installed. But until a couple of days ago, an important provider was missing: Bing. Adding the Bing road, satellite and hybrid maps was a little harder due to Bing's quad tree tile numbering system. For instance, a map tile in the more common xyz coordinate system, e.g. "x=5, y=11 at zoom level 5", which is the Portland OR area (pictured in Esri's World Topo Map), in Bing is identified by a single quad key: "02123". Not that you have to know any of this. With a little help from the Bing software architect we figured this out for you. And thanks to the extensibility of the Leaflet JS library it was easy to implement with only a few lines of Javascript. Simply upgrade to Leaflet More Maps 7.x-1.4, select your favourite map from the drop-down and enjoy!
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