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Done in 60 seconds: a location based service example using IP Geolocation

Apart from ready-to-use maps of your site's visitor locations, the IP Geolocation module also comes with an API to help you realise location based services on your site. Here we consider the use-case of a travelling writer who updates a blog during her journey across the globe. With IP Geolocation and a few lines of code we are able to automatically insert at the top of each new entry the location the writer is blogging from, even if she isn't quite sure herself where she is today!

The CMS dance in 3D CSS

In CMS space Drupal is a sun of the universe. Central and unperturbed, the star watches with a smile how earthly Joomla circles around it, never getting any closer, while almost spinning out of control. Meanwhile the Wordpress moon does its dance, its lightness of being making it incapable of breaking free from the gravitational pull that prevents it from ever taking off.

Done in 60 seconds: creating a D7 subtheme

To create a variation of an existing theme, you could simply copy the desired theme's directory to sites/all/themes change the theme name in a a couple of places and start hacking away. But duplication is a waste of disk space. More importantly it creates an unnecessary maintenance overhead: if an improved version of the original theme comes out, you'll have to merge it with the changes you made in the various files of the overridden version.

Done in 60 seconds: View-driven Slidebox

We came across the lovely little Slidebox module for the first time via Jeff Eaton's Monday Module blog. We loved it and installed it on flink. If you're not sure what we're talking about just scroll to the bottom of this page and pay attention to the bottom right. Slidebox is clever, lean and simple in its design.

Done in 60 seconds: getting funky with CSS3 in Drupal

If you are visiting this page with either Safari or Chrome, then you just saw some pretty cool 3D-effects happening with the Drupal logo lifting itself off the page and flying across your screen, don't you think?

And you may wonder: how many lines of jQuery, Flash and what have you went into that !?!

The answer: zero.

Done in 60 seconds: Drush in a rush

Drush... love it... deeply...

Site maintainers can give you many good reasons for using Drush, I give you one: drush up.

This one command alone will save you the 60 seconds investment of your time now many times over. drush up automatically downloads the latest and greatest versions of all modules on your site, including contributed modules as well as a full core upgrade, then runs the update script. And just in case something goes wrong, it first backs up the entire source of your site.

Done in 60 seconds: change memory_limit on shared hosting in D7

If you're using shared hosting, you may not have control over your master php.ini file, which amongst other things is used to set the maximum amount of memory your site is allowed to use. In addition, your D7 sites/default/settings.php has this line

   ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');

Done in 60 seconds: one theme, but different looks for some pages

When you look closely you'll find that the main pages on are "framed" differently from tab to tab. The differences include the background used as well as the note and yellow "sticky" images in the upper right corner. The variations cannot be established via blocks or panels. Yet there's only one active theme.

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