The CMS dance in 3D CSS

In CMS space Drupal is a sun of the universe. Central and unperturbed, the star watches with a smile how earthly Joomla circles around it, never getting any closer, while almost spinning out of control. Meanwhile the Wordpress moon does its dance, its lightness of being making it incapable of breaking free from the gravitational pull that prevents it from ever taking off.

This animation was created using a single CSS stylesheet only -- no Flash, jQuery or other javascript! The 3D effects are only visible when viewed through WebKit-based browsers, e.g. Safari, Chrome or Epiphany. For more 3D CSS effects click here.

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Done in 60 seconds: one theme, but different looks for some pages

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"is a sun of the universe. Central and... " - technically the sun is not the center of the universe but rather the center on our solar system ( I know no one likes a smart ass ) Does bring me to an interesting conjecture though. Although Galileo was put under house arrest for stating that the earth was NOT the center of our universe, he was actually wrong. Yes it is not the center of our solar system but using observational science we obverse the whole universe using the Hubble telescope ( and others located in earth ) So our view point in all directions to the furthest heavens are from our earth orbit - ergo leaving earth at the center of our observational universe.

which means joomla is ... ah ... nooooo ...

However you are trying to get me on a technicality I didn't commit. As you quoted I wrote is "A sun", not "THE sun". Every solar system has a star aka as its "sun". ;-) As for Joomla.... yes don't go there.... haha.