27 reasons NOT to use Google Maps... and 2 to do so

Scroll down to see just a few of the free maps out there you may want to consider for something different from Google Maps.

All of the maps below are available through the Drupal module Leaflet More Maps, which is powered by the combo of Leaflet (the Drupal module) and Leaflet (the free Javascript library).

If your current location does not show up at first, blank out the Latitude field and re-submit.

EDIT January 2013: Mapbox seem to have withdrawn all of their maps from public unregistered access, except for MapBox Warden. You can still use Mapbox maps by signing up with MapBox, creating your own "canvas" and then use the Leaflet Mapbox module to enter your map id. Then display markers on your map via Leaflet or IP Geolocation Views and Maps.

EDIT February 2013: the Leaflet More Maps module has recently been updated to give you the full benefit of high resolution displays (e.g. Apple's Retina ®). As far as we know, currently only Google supports this in its terrain and roadmaps. If you have a high-dpi display (e.g. recent iPad or MacBook Pro, your iPhone5 screen is too small), then see the difference between the two Google roadmaps below. There you have it: the lightness of Leaflet combined with the high-res of Google.

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Map parameters

All maps below are centered on the same latitude, longitude and have the same initial zoom level.
You may pan/drag and zoom each map individually.